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Why do we do what we do

I love to fish and travel quite a bit for work. Because towing your boat with you on every trip is not always convenient I found myself at good fishing destinations, often times with plenty of tackle, but unable to rent a decent bass boat. That was the birth of the Bass Boat Rentals concept. 

After originally moving to Guntersville to fish in 2012, I returned in 2018 with my wife and son. Shortly thereafter we started Lakeside Solutions, a boat storage facility near Guntersville. While offering storage, we recognized both the popularity of 'pleasure-craft' rentals, and lack of fishing boat rentals that offered the good equipment to find and stay on the fish for an entire day.  Lake Guntersville is renowned for it's bass fishing and tournaments, so we jumped in.​

We are working to grow this business and our fleet to serve customers from all over the states.  Whether you live in Alabama or elsewhere, it isn’t always convenient to tow your boat to the lake. Maybe you don’t own a boat, or are in between boats. Whatever the case, let us be your convenient 'boat away from home'.​

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​Growing up on the banks of Chickamauga lake, and already working with Chris in commercial real estate development, Cody was a natural fit when looking to expand our operations. He brings an extensive knowledge of the Tennessee river and experience in coordinating day to day operations & fleet management. He’s likely to answer the phone when you call or greet you at the launch in the morning.

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